“A Man Who Wanders From The Way Of Understanding Will Rest In

 The Assembly Of The Dead.

In concluding this very important topic on Understanding Delivers from Death, it is very important we become very sensitive both physically and spiritually on happenings or of events around us. No child of God should be taken unawares, when we apply the available information to us at the right time, this shows that the spirits of wisdom and understanding are adhered to. We get results that make us stand out; on the contrary if we fail to take the required action, we stand the risk of running into trouble. The Bible tells us that the sons of Issachar were wise enough to interpret the signs of the times.


“A Man Who Wanders From The Way Of Understanding Will Rest In The Assembly Of The Dead.”In our generation, in our times, we are to have the understanding that the analogue time has been overtaken by the digital!!! The Bible tells us that in the last days knowledge shall increase. Take for instance; Abba Father GIPEM is largely a social media ministry! I had the calling of God upon my life with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to have gone into the mission field years back. I was rather doing a one on one evangelism for years. Yes sometimes on invitation l go for programs. However when the Lord finally gave an instruction to start this ministry I had only a space of two weeks only to prepare and take off!!!!
Exodus 18:11,